What happens to your body when doing hip-thrust?

The hip-thrust recreates the hip-extension gesture, so by doing so you will be primarily stimulating your glutes, and since these are a connector between the upper and lower body, they become crucial for almost any physical activity.

Once we know the importance of this exercise for gluteal work, let’s see the main points to take care of to execute it correctly.

1.- Avoid hyperextending the spine.

Here it is important to understand that we are not looking to climb as high as possible, this could be dangerous for your back. It is enough that we only reach full hip extension, contracting and feeling mainly the buttocks and not our lower back.

2.- Lose the fear of working with high loads.

The glutes are one of the strongest muscles in the body, do not underestimate them, we must seek to work with loads that represent a challenge, remember that one of the most important points when training is working with a high level of effort, for this we must look for loads that allow us to always work very close to the failure.

3.- Avoid placing the bar directly on the pelvis.

Placing the bar directly without any type of protection can cause discomfort in the pelvis, especially if you are working with heavy loads, we must prevent this from becoming a limitation. Let’s look to have a squat mattress or pad available, something that allows us to work comfortably and that the buttocks are the ones that burn at the end of the series and not the pelvis.

Hip-thrust variants.

For this exercise, the two variants that I most recommend are the hip-thrust on a machine and the hip-thrust on a hamstring curl machine. Both options are very practical since you save time placing the bar and the bench.

Now if you train at home there is also a good variant that we can work with a good level of effort even when we do not have equipment, and that is the one-leg hip-thrust.

How to incorporate this exercise into your routine?

The hip-thrust is one of the best accessory exercises for glute work, so incorporating it into your routine can be very important when you don’t feel adequate work on your glutes when doing squats or deadlifts and you want an extra contribution.

Working 2 sessions of 3 to 4 sets can be a good way to include it to maximize muscle growth in this group.

What is the average weight that people carry when doing this exercise?

After doing a small survey on networks, the vast majority of people were between two and three 45-pound plates per side in this exercise, this reinforces one of the previous points, thanks to the strength of the glutes, the vast majority of us are capable to move good weights.

However, although you will end up being below this average, always focus on doing it well, with quality and putting in enough effort and progression will come accordingly. 

With this information we should have a clearer idea of ​​the benefits of incorporating this exercise and the correct way to do it, and if you feel motivated to fully enter the fitness world, do not forget that you have the course “The art of having a good body  On this same portal, there are 4 hours of content that will surely clear up many doubts and will serve as a starting point.

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