Why are New York girls so skinny? These are his tricks

In a city where fast food is the basics and where everyone eats in a hurry and whatever, how is it possible that there are women in New York who are thin? What do successful women in Manhattan eat?

A book, entitled The Manhattan Diet , has revealed the secrets of these women . The author, Eileen Daspin, discovers the tricks, rules and regimes behind the beautiful girls of the Big Apple .

Why are New York girls so skinny?

Daspin reveals in his book that Manhattan women do not starve , they simply eat good quality food and occasionally indulge in unhealthy indulgences . 

Her friend Debi Wisch, 46, with an enviable figure – who lives on Fifth Avenue and runs a jewelry store – is the perfect example. For breakfast , Wisch eats yogurt with berries and whole grains. To eat, take a salad or a healthy wrap (vegetables with chicken, for example). And for dinner , fish and vegetables. Between meals , the woman opts for cashews or blueberries. “I try 90 percent of my diet to be healthy and the other 10 percent, whimsy,” Wish tells Daspin.

Manhattan women don’t have a hard time not indulging themselves : they get along well and pay off, like French women . The New York girls also perform tricks like not using sauces and reducing the calories they eat as much as possible . For example, if they go out to dinner, they choose the healthiest . “When they dine in a Chinese restaurant they order green beans and rice,” explains the author of the book. If they want to try a dish from their evening companions, for example, they take a small teaspoon and get on with it.

The best tricks: enjoy eating, shopping small and choosing healthy options

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable tricks that Daspin shares in the book is that the key was based on ” enjoying what you eat a lot and eating everything “, so there is no sense of deprivation.

Other tricks to feeling full and tricking the stomach include adding milk to green tea because it tastes more consistent, diluting alcoholic beverages with water or ice, and drinking lots of healthy grains like quinoa, spelled, and rye, as they make us feel fuller. for longer.

In addition, the author states that slim women in Manhattan never buy food in large quantities, but rather little at a time . Also, they are not obsessed with diet: if they fancy a cereal bar at night, they take it without any problem. As we have said, in the end the secret is always to compensate and not go overboard with excesses.

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They walk a lot

Like French women, New Yorkers walk whenever they can and as much as possible . Some obviously go to gym classes too, but most keep fit by walking. According to the author of the book, a Manhattan woman can easily walk 2 kilometers a day without much effort.

As you can see, in the end all secret consists of moving a little, eating with your head and giving your body what it needs at all times and in the right degree.

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