The Process of Increasing Muscle Mass

Many people seek to increase muscle mass for different reasons: aesthetic, medical, sports performance, among others; but really this is a goal that requires discipline and patience.

To increase muscle mass we must take into account several factors that are necessary, it is like a recipe to make a cake, all the ingredients are needed for it to come out well.

Activate mTOR

The mTOR pathway is a metabolic pathway used by our body for the synthesis of proteins in the cells present in our muscles and, thanks to this, generate muscle hypertrophy due to the creation of new muscle fibers.

In summary, the more times we activate this pathway, it is where we begin to see muscle growth.

Carbohydrate consumption

They are our main source of energy and must be present in our diet. It is popularly believed that only consuming protein is necessary for the growth of muscle mass, but this is not the case, carbohydrates are largely responsible. The optimal amount will depend on each person, but it can range from 2.2g / kg / day to 4.5g / kg / day.

Supplements are NOT necessary

It is common to hear that a protein shake is necessary for the increase of muscle mass, but this is not true, a protein shake is equivalent to as if you were eating 3 eggs or 90 grams of chicken or fish, therefore, it is better to eat Yes, the protein shake can be practical so if it could be used for this reason of practicality.

My recommendation is if you are training for the goal of hypertrophy to use Creatine Monohydrate, it will help us boost energy, better recovery and lift more weight. The dose is 5 grams daily that can be consumed pre, intra or post training.

Train hard

This is a key point, mTOR stimulation is necessary through exercise, but only weights generate the synthesis of large muscles. In general it would be said that the training should be strong enough to be uncomfortable, but gentle enough to achieve with the entire exercise plan. It is essential that you are well guided by a coach who has high knowledge on this subject.


This is really where the magic of the increase in muscle mass happens, most of the recovery processes occur during the hours of sleep.

It does not only apply to sleeping approximately between 6 to 8 hours a day, but also that the exercise program has to be designed with unloading phases.

In fact, some studies show that taking a 20 to 30 minute nap once a day can help with muscle recovery.

What has been my experience in this whole process?

I can tell you that since January I have been with this goal of increasing muscle mass, the first thing to take into account is that it is a slow process and you have to be patient and above all be constant both in eating and in exercise.

In these 8 months that I have been working I have increased, almost 3 kilos of muscle, perhaps it sounds little, but gaining, even 100 grams is something super important, as a result of the increase in muscle the percentage of fat has dropped considerably, but my weight is “High” for this it is important that we do not just guide ourselves with the number on the scale, we have to know all the body composition, which we obtain in the equipment we use at CNC.

My main advice is to find a coach or a specific schedule according to your goals and above all to have an adequate diet plan that adjusts to your exercise load.

At CNC all our nutritionists are trained to help you.

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