How To Increase Muscle Mass: Important Factors

Building muscle mass is a matter of proper training and training strategy, having enough rest and feeding your body with the right fuel will achieve everything you set your mind to.

Of course, you can make your muscle hypertrophy program as tough and intense as you can and radically change it as much as you can, but as long as you are not addressing the right issues and taking the right measures, the physical change will be useless.

The Use Of Time Under Pressure

Time under pressure is the amount of time a muscle performs an exercise. And for ideal muscle growth, experts say, you should aim for a time between 40 and 70 seconds. However, keep in mind that in addition to providing variety, the change in exercise volume is also an important factor.

Correct Rep Range

The ideal rep range for muscle growth is between 8-12 reps, working at 70% of your maximum load.

Do more than this, and you risk overtraining your muscle, even injury. If you are not a professional and have been in the gym for many years, you first need a time to adapt to each exercise, improving your technique and obtaining results with the loads that best suit your shape and your body.

«Remember that your body speaks to you»… Pay attention to it.

The Proper Form And Techniques

An injured athlete is an inefficient athlete. And one of the root causes of injury is poor technique and execution . Therefore, it is necessary to consolidate good movement patterns if you are training in the gym or going to start.

Get in good shape first; don’t let your ego get in the way, instead of seeking you for advice, be open to feedback and change your faulty ways; otherwise, all you will get is more pain, injuries and fractures .

Visualize and execute the correct technique of an exercise to get the best result.

Changes And Variations To Increase Muscle Mass

Sticking to the same weightlifting routine is the recipe for poor performance and boredom. Therefore, if you want to improve your muscle gains in fitness, you need to progress with each workout and keep adjusting for more tension and load. For example, if you just did eight reps of an exercise, do 10 in the next session and build on that.

In the next exercise, increase the load and return to ten repetitions; the key here is to change one variable at a time. Try to change too many variables, and you will achieve your purposes.

Rest A Fundamental Piece

Rest is the important piece of the training puzzle. In fact, it is during the recovery time that these physiological changes and adaptations take place.

If you skip rest or sleep fewer hours than your body needs in recovery, you run the risk of injury, poor performance, and other potential health problems.

Aim for at least 24 hours of rest from exercising multiple muscle groups, and for no less than 48 hours of recovery between hard workouts, if you are doing one or two muscle groups in a single session.

Energy For Your Training

Muscle mass is made in the kitchen. As a result, make sure you adequately address your diet and calorie needs. Here are some diet shortcuts that will help you build muscle mass in your muscles in a little less time:

Get plenty of protein . uh! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but protein is key to muscle growth. Without this essential ingredient, no matter how hard you try, all your sweat is for nothing. Aim for at least 1g per kilo of body weight per day.

Eat more protein on hard training days.

Create your training diet. Foods eaten right after finishing a workout have a major impact on your recovery and muscle growth results.

Therefore, to maximize your maximum, make sure to get a protein / carbohydrate blend as the main ingredient for a post-workout meal .

Use the BCAAs. Or what’s known as branched chain amino acids, these supplements are crucial during your workout as they ensure a constant supply of protein for your muscles.

This helps with muscle building by reducing the amount of muscle lost during exercise and increasing protein synthesis.

Here it is! The tips above will definitely help you get in shape and build the body of your dreams.

But you have to start taking action; otherwise you won’t be able to see much progress.

Speed ​​of execution, not information, is what matters most. Start changing your life, your body and the way you eat now.

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