Health bought 30 thousand rapid tests for COVID-19

As part of this investment, 17,500 antigen tests arrived this week. They are intended for DetectAR devices and hospitals throughout the province .

With an investment of 16,625,400 pesos, the Ministry of Health of the province of Neuquén recently acquired 30,000 antigen tests for COVID-19, as part of the purchases of supplies planned in advance to reinforce the tests in the province. This is a total of 1,200 boxes of 25 antigen tests each. The first 500 boxes have already been distributed to the different health areas and with the arrival of the 700 remaining boxes this week, which are equivalent to 17,500 rapid tests, the distribution to hospitals and DetectAR devices throughout the province will be completed.

The provincial health portfolio aims to permanently reinforce testing in the province, either through the DetectAR strategy or in hospitals. For this reason, purchases of supplies to perform PCR and rapid tests have been planned in advance, as well as permanently working with the Provincial Directorate of Physical and Biomedical Resources regarding the purchase of Personal Protection Elements (PPE) and medicines. .

“All the work we have done over the past year allows us to position ourselves today, in the face of the pandemic, with greater organization and foresight regarding the purchase of specific supplies that it demands as well as the strategies aimed at reinforcing the diagnostic capacity of the province, among other aspects ”, highlighted the Minister of Health, Andrea Peve.

In this case, the purchase was made through the Administration Trust Fund of the Ministry of Health and is thus aimed at strengthening diagnostic capacity in the province. It is important to remember that the early detection of COVID-19 is essential to activate measures of assistance, isolation and investigation of close contacts.

It should be noted that the 700 boxes with rapid tests that arrived this week in the city of Neuquén are already in the Central Warehouse and the distribution will be made according to the requirement of each establishment or device. 

This type of test measures reactive antigens from a sample obtained with a swab. Only 15 minutes are required to obtain the result that indicates whether the person has the virus at the time of its performance.

The antigen test is used in the diagnosis of people with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, from the onset of symptoms. Faced with a negative or non-reactive antigen test, the person must perform a second swab to process the sample by PCR at the Central Laboratory.

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