Brazil exceeds 450,000 deaths from coronavirus

Brazil surpassed 450,000 deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Health. In other news, the American pharmaceutical company Moderna announced that its vaccine does not present risks for minors and could be the second solution to start vaccinating adolescents after Pfizer; protests were registered in Argentina against the sanitary measures against Covid-19. At the … Read more

Health bought 30 thousand rapid tests for COVID-19

As part of this investment, 17,500 antigen tests arrived this week. They are intended for DetectAR devices and hospitals throughout the province . With an investment of 16,625,400 pesos, the Ministry of Health of the province of Neuquén recently acquired 30,000 antigen tests for COVID-19, as part of the purchases of supplies planned in advance to reinforce … Read more

Coronavirus and vaccines: frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions are based on documents from the World Health Organization – WHO, the Pan American Health Organization – PAHO, and the national health authorities. The information will be updated as more verified data becomes available. What is a vaccine and what are its benefits? Vaccines are preparations that are used to generate … Read more