5 Important Tips To Improve Your Shoulder Training

Shoulder Training Is An Essential Part Of Your Exercise Days To Achieve Your Goals For Muscle Mass In This Part Of The Body.

There are people who a good shoulder workout encourages them to go to the gym, while others the very idea of ​​facing a session where they will put their knowledge and skills in training their delts to the test puts them in a bad mood.


Whether you belong to one group or the other, these tips on how to improve and train your shoulder muscles will help you to achieve more than remarkable delts .

1) Alternate barbells and dumbbells:

Deltoid training offers you the possibility of performing both barbell and dumbbell exercises, thereby increasing effectiveness and preventing your body from adapting to the effort and therefore lowering its performance. As a general rule of thumb, try to intersperse dumbbell and barbell exercises . here we offer you a good training practiced by one of our members:

a) Barbell shoulder press, 3 sets for 10-10-8 reps each.
b) Arnold Dumbbell Press, 3 sets for 10-10-8 reps each.

O well:

a) Dumbbell shoulder press, 3 sets for 10-10-8 reps each.
b) Military barbell press, 3 sets for 10-10-8 repetitions each.

Ideally, you should do these exercises one week in one way and the other in the other way so that your body does not get used to the same training since it remembers that your muscles have memory

2) Don’t forget to exercise your rear delts:

It is often a neglected area to which little importance is given, and whose development is seen on numerous occasions lackluster compared to other areas of the same notable anatomy. What to do to prevent this area from lagging behind the general development? Never skip at least one exercise for her in your deltoid routine. Here are some examples:

a) back flights, 3 series for 10-10-8 repetitions.
b) back shoulder pulls, 3 sets for 12-10-10 reps.
c) Pulley back shoulder pulls, 3 sets for 10-10-8 reps.

3) include pulley exercises in your routine:

While we have stated that you should vary between dumbbells and bars in your deltoid exercises , it is also good that you include pulleys in your session. For example, it is good every few workouts to replace dumbbell lateral flights with the same low pulley exercise. You can also replace the front flights with low pulley short bar flights. In variety is profit.

4) if you have a short time, train shoulder to leg:

Although it is a small muscle with a large one, this combination of the leg muscles with the deltoids has some drawbacks. Not the least of these is the fact that both require a high number of exercises, which is why a day of legs and shoulders in the gym can be too tiring.

5) do not train shoulder and pecs on consecutive days:

The pectoral muscles have a great impact on the deltoids , so if you are going to train them on consecutive days it is possible that your shoulders are too tired to withstand the effort.

We recommend that you do not train the shoulders, but separate the pectoral session at least 48 hours apart. If you have no choice since you have very little time to dedicate to training, then our advice is to train your shoulders first and then your chest (on a separate day), since shoulder training, although intense, usually be less tiring than chest.

Do not hesitate to come to us and we will try to help and advise you in the best possible way. Comment your doubts in the comments.

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